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Samsung Apps store expands horizon, keep hold of Omnia Phones Sheetal Thakre | , 12:45 p.m. Jan. 19, 2010 2010-01-19

Samsung Applications will now be available widely across Germany, Singapore where earlier it was available only in UK, France and Italy. Countries like Brazil and China are also in pipeline. It is believed to offer the local versions of the applications at the said countries.

A collection of above 500 applications is offered for Omnia phones with Windows Mobile and Symbian OS where free and paid, both categories are available.

At present only the Omnia phones get the support that include, the original Samsung i900 Omnia, Samsung I8000 Omnia II, Samsung B7300 OmniaLITE and the Samsung i8910 OmniaHD where Germany, Singapore, Brazil and China will get support for only Omnia II and OmniaLITE while France and Italy will get it for Omnia, Omnia II and OmniaHD.

The first half of this year is all set to offer the applications to the customers either by means of an access to the Samsung stores or by a simple download of the updates from the official website of the telecom giant.

Besides this, it is also possible to avail the facility by means of the 'Samsung Kies', a PC suite wherein you can download applications from Samsung Apps that will be shifted the next time you sync your phone. The Samsung Kies is freely available for download at the official website.

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