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Sagem Releases the my721x V.J. | , 6:59 p.m. July 24, 2008 2008-07-24


Well, there are some improvements for Sagem. We don’t find them to release cellphones as heavy as those of Samsung, or any other company, but at least they are trying to keep up. Sagem mobile phones are not the greatest but they are reliable and function well.


Their latest handset, the Sagem my721x has some improvements in its design. The company has come up with a lightweight phone and interesting design. It is released for T-mobile PAYG market with which goes very well.


The handset is not made to have the latest features and the brand new technology installed but it comes with everything needed for a budget model. The handset has Bluetooth 2.0 support, FM radio and a 2 inch TFT display which is not that bad. Actually Sagem doesn’t amaze with their releases but this one is very useful and has an elegant design that goes well with the T-Mobile PAYG market.


In addition to these features, the Sagem my721x also has a 3.2 megapixel camera. In many new devices you don’t get that much megapixels, which is make another point earned by this device. To be even more complete, the camera has 6x digital zoom, which is something you don’t see everyday for a budget Sagem mobile phone.


The handset also has a 512MB microSD card with expandable memory up to 4GB. Battery life is not that great but it’s acceptable as it has 3 hours of talktime and 200 hours of stand by.

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