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Rumors: Google phone and BlackBerry 9900 to come in 2010 V.J. | , 10:41 a.m. Nov. 19, 2009 2009-11-19

Rumors always circulate over the net suggesting the upcoming release of this device or that service. But generally they come true. So what if in 2010 we’ll have a Google phone available?

TechCrunch said that the Google phone will be available in January and that it will be a VoIP smartphone. According to Computerworld, the phone will most likely have VoIP via Google’sVoice/Gizmo5 service and the data will be provided by WiFi by users at home and work and by GSM carriers when roaming.

And the BlackBerry 9900 will become available in 2010 an analyst says.

The BlackBery 9900 is expected to be a smartphone says Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu. He also said that the phone is currently in the prototype state with the aim of being released in 2010.

Research in Motion announced that it will integrate a Webkit browser in a future version of BlackBerry OS meaning that it might utilize browser technology from Google or Microsoft which will support Google Gears or Microsoft Silverlight. In addition, RIM said that 3D graphic hardware acceleration and Adobe technology will be part of future BlackBerry smartphones. There is a high chance that the upcoming BlackBerry 9900 will offer both.

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