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Research in Motion CEO confirms Storm 2? V.J. | , 2:23 p.m. May 5, 2009 2009-05-05

Now it is official, RIM is working on the second version of the BlackBerry Storm. For the second version, they did not opt for a more complicated name; they decided to name it simply Storm 2. At least this is what rumors say.

Jim Balsillie, Research in Motion CEO, was asked by Reuters about the Storm sales. His reply was: “that product was a huge success in terms of sales and adoption” and to continue with the Reuters article here is what he added: "we have next-generation devices with that and the whole roadmap."

Following this statement, news articles and blog posts have said that Research in Motion will release the sequel of the BlackBerry Storm. However, in my opinion, Balsillie’ statements don’t suggest the making of a Storm 2. He just answered the question regarding BlackBerry Storm sales, that’s pretty much it.

Additionally, rumors also indicate the possibility of a September release of the new device. This is in my opinion light-years away from reality as we don’t even know if RIM really plans a Storm 2. I’m not denying the possibility, but there is absolutely nothing that can validate the rumors mentioned above.

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