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Recycle Your Mobile Phone at Nokia Regent Street V.J. | , 5:28 p.m. July 8, 2008 2008-07-08

Recent studies conducted by Nokia show that just one in ten people consider recycling their mobile phones. Nokia has opened its doors to anyone in London who wants to do something good for the environment and recycle their old handsets.

A survey conducted by the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer shows that a worrying number of people don’t even consider recycling their phone and some mobile phone users don’t know of this possibility. The Nokia store in Regent Street, London, welcomes anyone who wants to get rid of their phones in a greener way.

All handsets are accepted so it doesn’t matter if your phone is a Alcatel, Nokia, Samsung or any other mark. Your action will could actually bring you new, improved, mobile phones. Nokia says that over 80 per cent of the Nokia devices that are recycled are being used to manufacture other products.

Recycling mobile phones gives the manufacturers the possibility to reduce any eco-damaging greenhouse gases and still produce some quality devices. Nokia says it currently has over 5000 collection points. You can find more info on www.nokia.com/werecycle

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