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Qualcomm to offer improved reality platform into mobile gaming Sheetal Thakre | , 12:23 p.m. July 10, 2010 2010-07-10

Qualcomm has recently announced that it will offer improved reality platform. Not only this, it is believed that a software developer kits (SDK) will also be made available for at no cost to those who will build up commercial applications by means of the new platform.

It is also alleged that one of the first games to use this particular platform is a better reality adaptation of the toy maker's Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots.  Actually, the robots are not bodily present on the table, but they do appear by means of the phone's camera and looking at the display.

Qualcomm has also partnered with Unity Technologies game engine developers that will facilitate the applications by managing low-level functions. This will ultimately set free the developer to focus more on main aspects of a game that are being developed.

Well at present, Mattel has become one of the initial consumer products company to work on products with the SDK made available by Qualcomm.

To the delight of the developers, good news is that Qualcomm is also offering prizes worth $200,000 to the winners of its first Augmented Reality Application Developer Challenge. For this, the developers are supposed to make use of the Qualcomm's SDK to produce the most efficient, interesting and useful new application package.

The developers can contribute their submissions that will be received in a short time, somewhere around this approaching November through January 7th 2011; while the winner will be announced at MWC 2011.

It is assumed that the first place winner will receive approximately $125,000 with $50,000 awarded for second place and $25,000 going to the third place selection.

Now isn't it an amazing news for the developers? Just view the videos below to get an idea as to how exactly it will be.


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