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Q2 - 42 Million Phones Sold in the US V.J. | , 11:46 a.m. Aug. 11, 2008 2008-08-11


The need for mobile telecommunication is surely rising and the latest cellphone releases manage to astonish with their advance technology. A mobile phone is more than a simple device for calling friends and family while on the go. It can entertain you with different features like Music and Video Players or FM Radios.


It also can take pictures when attending an important event or immortalize moments on one’s life. For business, there are mobile phones special designs. With great and rapid Internet connectivity, checking / writing email is remarkably fast as well as file sharing. Even more, some mobile phone carriers let you check your credit card and make mobile shopping. In other words, mobile phones have a tremendous success and wireless telecommunication is an industry on a continuous rise.


A recent study performed by Strategy Analytics confirms everything mentioned above. According to the research, 42 million mobile phones have been sold in the United States during Q2 alone. Another interesting discovery the study made is that Motorola actually had good sales and is no. 1 in the USA.


Specialists say there has been a 5.3 per cent increasing of mobile phone sales in comparison with Q2 2007 when only 39.8 million units were sold. As Motorola keeps the leading position in the US market, we find that LG has fallen to the second place. It is quite interesting how the South Korean manufacturer managed to do this, but this is premier in almost two years.


According to 3G.co.uk, BlackBerry achieved “double-digit market share in the USA for the first time” and draws more success.


Statistics show that mobile phone technology will rise in the future as the demand is also rising.

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