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Post-Telecom Connectivity Will Spur Innovation V.J. | , 10:45 a.m. July 15, 2009 2009-07-15

Pioneering software innovator Bob Frankston says there will be an explosion in the innovation of user-based Web technologies once we eliminate impediments and unnecessary start-up costs for small entrepreneurs and begin rewarding companies for expanding Internet capacity instead of limiting it.

"The power of the Internet comes from the ability to create solutions by focusing only on the end-points and not concentrating everything in the middle," said Frankston. "With the Internet, we don't need a phone carrier in the middle, but because of misdirected public policy, a great deal of confusion exists among consumers who say they want more telecom but in actuality want more Internet connectivity."

"Frankston points out how inefficient Internet delivery has been to the average consumer," said Valerie Buckingham, Director of Technology Marketing, Nokia. "For Frankston, it is about entering a new age where companies are rewarded financially by providing more Internet capacity, rather than less. We look forward to sharing more of Frankston's provocative thoughts on Internet delivery in the post-telecom age on IdeasProject."

Over the next several months, editors from the IdeasProject are featuring their favorite ideas as submitted by the public and sending a Nokia N95 to the 'Big Thinker' who contributed. Share and submit your 'Big Idea' with the world by visiting http://master.ideasproject.com/userideasubmit.webui

For more on Frankston's big idea, visit: http://www.ideasproject.com/idea_person.webui?id=4401

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