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Polaroid PoGo Phoneboy H | , 3:53 p.m. Feb. 3, 2009 2009-02-03

The Pogo: is a portable device that prints 2" x 3" sticker pictures from digital camera, USB, and cellphones over Bluetooth. (available in 3 colors)

Price: $150 for the pogo , 30-packs of photo paper cost $10.

Overall: When I saw the little gadget I thought Polaroid was joking. Then when I opened the box and saw how small it was I was amazed, but how does it print? I used my phone to print using bluetooth and then I took a pic of my guitar.  Now I was ready to hook the bluetooth up and then it started printing the picture of the guitar I told it to print.

What's making me from not getting it is the phone to the picture.  It took 80 seconds to print my picture which made my interest fade. Second is the battery  the  LI-on battery last for about 15 prints then you have to charge it back up for another two and a half hours.

Third it isn't compatible with all phones including the iPhone. They said it was compatible with 75% of bluetooth phones.(pretty good)

Finally I was disappointed about how long the battery was. I have lots of good photos and so little time. So if your going to buy it to print all of your photos and all that just don't. This device is used for little things like advertising with stickers and playingwith friends.

The Polaroid Pogo is a fun and portable gadget but they need to fix a few stuff  (maybe add a youtube compatible software).  When they do, it could bring more fun to printers and pictures.(Pogo)


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