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Play as Hulk on your phone V.J. | , 11:39 a.m. June 14, 2008 2008-06-14

A new game was announced by Hands-On Mobile which will adapt the super hero story of the Hulk to a game available for mobile phones.


The game lets the player become that brawny green super hero. You will be able to make your way to all game levels by smashing cars, annihilating enemies, destroy or scale buildings, and any other ingredients that make a good action game. You will have to fight foes in your quest to find a cure for the radiation that made you become Hulk.


The game has another interesting feature, if you’ve seen the movie, The Incredible Hulk; it is highly possible to spot environments which you have seen in the film.


Marvel Studios and Universal Pictures have yesterday released the Incredible Hulk movie and if you want the game you can simply check www.MarvelMobile.com . Good news for fans in the U.S. – to download the game on your mobile phone all you have to do is to send HULK to 46966 as a text message.

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