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Photoshop Mobile for Windows Mobile Karishma Sundaram | , 9:47 p.m. Feb. 10, 2009 2009-02-10
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Without a doubt, Photoshop is one of the most popular graphics editors in the market today. The sheer range of tools available makes it a powerful image editor. Additionally the relatively intuitive interface makes the application fairly accessible to new users as well.

Adobe also has a photo sharing website under the Photoshop banner where people upload pictures in a community populated mainly by photography enthusiasts.

The latest in the Adobe Photoshop repertoire is the addition of an application for the mobile phone user. Mobile phone cameras have become more prolific, even on the most basic models, and the resolution improves significantly with each subsequent model. Most camera models with a camera also have the basic connectivity capabilities, allowing a user to access Web-based content easily.

The idea behind creating a Photoshop mobile application is to leverage the growing use of camera phones in daily existence. The new technological trend is to stay connected at all times, and this connectivity is enhanced by the rapid exchange of images and videos.

Apart from just basic editing and uploading, Photoshop Mobile also allows a user to access their online albums on the go. This access means that there is no need to have storage on the mobile device, or even to cart around a laptop. Remote storage pares down the amount of baggage considerably, and provides a certain amount of security as well. Should anything untoward happen to a physical device, the photographs are safely stored on Photoshop’s online server.


One of the major advantages of being able to transfer photographs directly on to the website is the elimination of the computer altogether. There is no need to perform that extra step, unless there is image editing required.

Photoshop Mobile is an application designed to allow the user instant and easy access to their online Photoshop accounts. The software links directly to the site, and because it is made by the same company, the features mesh well together over both the platforms. The application links up to the mobile version of the site. It provides the user with 5 GB space to store their images, which is a fairly significant amount.

At the moment, the Photoshop Mobile beta operates only in the United States. Once the testing phase is over, hopefully it should be available for use globally. Also, it currently only runs on some versions of Windows Mobile like Samsung’s BlackJack phone model.

Rather surprisingly the mobile application does not have an image editing tools. Considering this is one of Adobe’s flagship software applications on a mobile platform, it comes across as a little strange. On the other hand, the mobile application is entirely free of charge, whereas the PC software is quite expensive.

The application also only allows uploads at the moment and images cannot be deleted using it. Considering the application is still in beta, the limited features are somewhat understandable. However, at a later stage, hopefully there will be a much larger repertoire of functions. Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly one of the industry leaders in image editing software, and strangely this strength has not been incorporated in their mobile product.

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