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Photoshop Mobile isn’t exactly Photoshop V.J. | , 1:10 p.m. Sept. 26, 2008 2008-09-26


Adobe has released a few months ago their mobile version of Photoshop. We were all very excited to see how this software works, can you edit images while on the go? That was the question that needed an answer.


When one says Photoshop, we immediately think of photo editing, at least changing colors and combining photos and every other amazing feature that Adobe’s software has. Well, the mobile version isn’t exactly a Photoshop. Maybe Adobe should call this software Photo Uploading Browsing Program or simply PUBP because that is exactly what the almighty Photoshop Mobile can do.


For the moment, at least, we cannot edit our photos while on the go – not minor editing like cropping or other basic functions. Adobe Photoshop Mobile means basically an uploading / browsing software without the real ability to edit photos.


This is just what it can do; you can upload images, view them and share them online from any handset that runs Windows Mobile. This is very disappointing from Adobe as it would be very interesting to see the REAL Photoshop in action on a mobile phone.

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