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Photoshop goes mobile V.J. | , 7:34 p.m. Aug. 28, 2008 2008-08-28



Adobe has recently announced that they plan to do a Photoshop version for the mobile market. Yet, Photoshop goes mobile only in name; its abilities will not emulate the new application.


Actually, Photoshop Mobile will be a photo sharing portal and the application will not have any photo editing skills.


Adobe is offering 5GB of space for free and 20 GB for people who want to pay for a ‘Mobile Share album’.


For now only a few handsets are eligible for this application. Most run Windows Mobile like the Samsung Blackjack I and IIm Palm Treo 750w/wx, Motorola Q9 and Q9h. Other devices might run the application: iPhone, BlackBerry Pearl, Nokia 5310, 6301, Motorola RAZR.


Too bad that Photoshop comes without photo editing capabilities. If it did, Adobe’s popular product would conquer the mobile industry as well.

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