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Phones to Impress a Date Karishma Sundaram | , 10:07 p.m. Oct. 27, 2009 2009-10-27

Having a lot of choices always bodes well for the consumer, especially when it comes to price. However, a wide variety sometimes has a flip side; how does one choose a phone best suited to their needs?

Arguably, most people know when they need a smartphone, a phone equipped with a powerful camera or one that has sterling quality musical playback. It is often the people who use the phone’s most basic functions, like making and receiving calls that are baffled by the veritable smorgasbord of phones. Price is always a factor, design a close second, and perhaps the odd extra feature thrown in for free can occasionally tip the scale; all viable and reasonable considerations. 

But, which phone would impress a date?

1. Apple’s iPhone: No reader could have honestly expected that we would leave the iPhone out of the running: it is still the thinnest phone available in the market. Imagine whipping out the iPhone to look up great restaurants for a date. Flip through pictures with majestic sweeps across the screen for extra effect. The iPhone is an undeniable style statement; like the Ferrari of the phone world. 

2. Research in Motion’s BlackBerry: Humans are in general impressed by people who are busy and in demand, however rightly or wrongly. Nothing screams ‘important person’ like a BlackBerry phone so subtly. Multiple email accounts and evident need to stay constantly in touch hints at financial success of an individual – always a good prospect for a relationship. 

3. Samsung’s Blue Earth: If the date is ecologically aware and intent on preserving the planet and its natural resources, one can’t really go wrong with Samsung’s Blue Earth. Not only is the phone powered by rays of the sun, it is also constructed using recycled plastic bottles. The packaging is also all recycled, and all the literature is printed using soy ink. Perhaps the most spectacular aspect of the phone is that it eschews none of the features of a smartphone. The phone is going to be available sometime soon, and therefore presents a double opportunity to impress: first with the ecological angle, and the second with the aura of being a newly released model. 

While we’ve detailed readily available, economically-viable options, there are always the extreme phones that will always impress dates. There are the Amosu phones, with diamond encrusted front panels; projecting anything but subtle hints of extreme wealth. There are the Ulysee Nardin phones, with fancy watch mechanisms and intriguing design aspects. 

Of course, it is really best to choose a phone for its level of potential utility. While phones have become a tool for impressing dates, or even to show off in front of friends, it is essentially a tool. One needs to use it, otherwise the chances of looking like a complete idiot are uncomfortably high.

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