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Patent for Apple for hand held system that identifies your hand Sheetal Thakre | , 12:48 p.m. Sept. 27, 2010 2010-09-27

Finally, someone gave thought to the idea wherein a cell phone that remembers your identity from the way you hold the device has become possible.

Yes, we are referring to the patent which Apple has just received. A method has been developed that uses the capacitive sensors to identify you from the way you grasp a handheld device. Isn't it interesting?

And all this is possible by means of a simple software technique that allows the system to work with multiple touch sensing devices.

So, you all will be amused to know about how it will actually happen. Well as the component makes out who is holding it, buttons are moved, while settings are custom-made to reveal the way a person uses the hand held device.

Previously also, Apple had an appeal for another patent. And now, by this kind of patent, it seems to be the just right thing where a modified arrangement that could direct the cell phones that padlock all unfamiliar hands, modify bookmarks, have custom news, weather and sports etc. and that too at the simple touch of the cell phone.

Source: USPTO

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