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Over 1 Million iPhones Sold! V.J. | , 9:30 p.m. July 14, 2008 2008-07-14


The effect the iPhone had on the mobile phone market is simply amazing. In Britain and New Zealand the handsets were sold at an incredible rate. Speed and observation capabilities were needed by any iPhone fan who simply wanted one of these shiny new devices in their hands.


It is now clear who read the news and who did not. The first surely got an iPhone, if not from the UK then maybe from New Zealand or from Belgium. We reported that in Belgium, Mobistar SA released an unlocked version of iPhones, meaning no subscription was necessary to buy the device. This came as good news to everybody who missed the chance to buy one in their own country. Of course, Mobistar could put their own price for the precious device, and they did. Even if it meant a few bucks (or pounds and euros) more the Apple’s handset sold incredibly well, there is no doubt in that.


In UK alone, the media reported that there are 13.000 iPhones sold per second. It is incredible as well how the mobile carriers could handle that many customers, but they did surprisingly well although some problems were met.


Friday was the big iPhone day. The iPhone 3G was unleashed in 20 different countries. Apple proudly came out recently and stated that over 1 million iPhone 3G were sold. The iPhone phenomenon surely made an impact on the mobile phone markets around the world. But question is: what makes iPhone so great? Is it its design or features? Or perhaps the worldwide trend to own and iPhone?


In any case, the iPhone has sold at record breaking haste and quantities. Apple’s product should surely receive the World Record for this move.


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