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Oregon State may start alert text messaging system V.J. | , 10:44 p.m. April 12, 2008 2008-04-12

Aforetime, FCC announced a plan to implement an emergency text messaging service to mobile phone users. If important events are currently happening, as in natural disasters, terrorist attacks or anything that might danger the lives of American citizens in the area or a specific event, people will receive a text message with imperious information on current happenings.

The fist step has been taken to encourage this new life saving service. Oregon State University considers joining the FCC program to alert students on highly important events. Oregon State University has successfully received funding to adopt this service, according to The Oregonian.

Students may derive text messages on their personal mobile phones if any emergencies occur in campus. Their will be informed even if there might be an earthquake or difficult weather. This new alert system will surely harden criminal thoughts, maybe one will think twice before selling drugs or playing pyrotechnic.

Another public educational institution is revising its position to this service. Portland Community College is as well interesting in FCC’s project. Its 84,000 students may as well receive one day vital information on ongoing events.

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