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Orange to release LG Watch Phone Next Month V.J. | , 9:23 p.m. July 7, 2009 2009-07-07

The LG GD910 was announced last December and showcased at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The handset comes with a 1.43 inch touchscreen display and a heavy price.

The device includes voice dialing, Bluetooth, and the staggering price of 1000 pounds. "The Watch Phone is the must-have gadget of 2009. It's handcrafted, exclusively limited, and will turn heads on the high street," said Tom Alexander, chief executive at Orange UK.

Is the economic crisis over? Or is LG/Orange really expecting to sell millions of units in a time when most people in Europe would love earning 1000 pounds in 2-3 months. Anyway, Tom Alexander continues as cited by V3:

"We have secured some of the most original and innovative devices available. The Watch Phone is the first of these, all focused on bringing a 21st century experience to our 21st century customers," he said.

At the moment we do not know the exact release date. Orange takes its time for this kind of things. However, if you want one then you also have the necessary time to save some money

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