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Orange linking with TeliaSonera, ruining rumors V.J. | , 4:20 p.m. April 17, 2008 2008-04-17

The main beneficiaries of TeliaSonera are the Swedish government with 37% and the Finish government with 14%.It was forged by fusion between Telia and Sonera operators. Orange annihilated any remaining or possible future rumors with their announcement that TeliaSonera will become their partner.

TeliaSonera formerly intended to get a grab at markets from Turkey, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and the vast Russian mobile phone markets, but alone it was too costly. Thus combining forces with Orange/France Telecom they will surely implement their services across the mentioned countries.

Immediately after news of fusion spread, TeliaSonera’s shares rose with 10% and France Telecom had a drop by 6%. "If you ask me whether we are examining a number of companies, including TeliaSonera, I would say yes, ... But if you are asking whether this is a full-blown examination, we are not there yet” says France Telecom finance director Gervais Pellisier for Channel Register.

Merging with Orange/France Telecom would give TeliaSonera a change to become integrally privatized, fully independent with no government implication. According to Financial Times, the company partly controlled by Swedish and Finnish governments already wanted to fully privatize and not they may have the chance.

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