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Orange hires people to stand in line for iPhones V.J. | , 2:01 p.m. Aug. 22, 2008 2008-08-22

The massive iPhone success is slowly fading away. Not long ago in the US a case was filled against Apple for improper services. Apple was sued because it wasn’t capable of delivering the promised services; the iPhone still lacks connectivity in major US cities.

Now it seems the iPhone didn’t had the expected success in all European countries. Let’s take Poland for example. In the country, Orange is the biggest mobile phone carrier and the only one who sells Apple’s precious product.

Doubting that the iPhone will get sold properly, meaning hundreds of thousands of models, Orange Poland has decided to hire people who will stand in lines. “We have these fake queues at front of 20 stores around the country to drum up interest in iPhone” an Orange spokesman told Reuters.

Judging by the measure taken, it suggests that iPhone slowly looses its terrain. Anyway, we will have to wait a little more until we find another mobile phone having the success that iPhone had.

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