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Orange and Carphone stores robbed V.J. | , 4:01 p.m. May 5, 2009 2009-05-05

Recent reports say that Orange and Carphone Warehouse stores were hit by armed robbers and about 200 handsets were stolen.

London police units are investigating three robberies in Orange and Carphone Warehouse outlets across the city. The police does not think that the robberies are connected in any way.

Two masked men with firearms entered a store and stole 60 handsets, two laptops and an unspecified sum of cash. On April 17, an Orange store in Kilburn, North London, was robbed by two males who got away with 78 handsets and five laptops. Additionally, a Carphone Warehouse store in Barnes, West London, was robbed on March 31 near closing time. Four men with knives seized 66 handsets before escaping in two vehicles.

The National Mobile Phone Crime Unit advice mobile phone shops employees to be “vigilant, particularly towards the end of a day’s trading.” They also said that if employees find anything suspicious, they should report this immediately to police.

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