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oneSearch with T-Mobile V.J. | , 5:59 p.m. April 12, 2008 2008-04-12

Yahoo! shacked hands with T-Mobile for implementing oneSeach software on its internet service. Mobile users will have the possibility of using a high-class internet search service for mobile phones which delivers instant results in a comfortable geometry.

In February 2008 T-Mobile announced a partnership with World Wide Web titan Yahoo! for the ease of mobile phone internet users. With oneSearch, Yahoo! tries to become the no.1 online search service for cell phone users. Their search engine provides a comprehensive and easy to navigate list of links concerning the subject searched. Results appear on a single page easing the quest for important information.

When you travel and find the need to receive quick information on hotels, images of your destination or even weather reports, Yahoo! has developed a suitable application which will present your all information needed. But this is not it, imagine you are in some mall trying to find a food store or something to drink. All you have to do is search with oneSearch and you will get a stylish list, easy to dissect, of suggestions, internet sites, news. For a greater utility oneSearch will split your search results in categories, thus establishing an easier way to find accurate information. In any case, you will find the nearest restaurant or fast-food store.

OneSearch doesn’t limit itself to these adjuvant services. When you travel you can search on Wikipedia for information on your destination, you can keep an eye on sports news on Eurosport or any financial issues on Finance and Answers.

A strategic step has been taken by these two giants, their business friendship is definitely placing them on the top and together they are leading the mobile internet industry.

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