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O2 iPhone Upgrade Service Faces Numerous Problems V.J. | , 12:52 a.m. July 8, 2008 2008-07-08


Following the announcement and starting of O2 new service for existing customers to upgrade their iPhone to either an 8G or 16G version, the first problems showed up. Many customers are now frustrated with O2, mainly because they had to encounter a lot of problems upgrading.


O2’s website stopped functioning for a while as customers tried again and again to upgrade their device. Some say the site failed even when they made transactions. One customer said after the website went down, he tried to contact the support number provided by O2 but he just heard “a lovely message of ‘you can only buy the iPhone online’ and then hands up.


To fully fuel the customer’s frustration and nerves, O2 has announced that the iPhone is not available anymore online. Company representatives said it is out of stock, but it can probably be bought from an O2 store.


This was an interesting and brave attempt to offer this service online. O2 probably knew from the beginning that a great number of existing customers will want to upgrade. Problems are always inevitable, but the fact is that O2 failed to respond with appropriate solutions. Now O2 probably has a lot of users who consider applying to another company.

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