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Norwegians prefer advanced mobile phones V.J. | , 2:26 p.m. April 17, 2008 2008-04-17

New studies conducted by Synovate on behalf of Telenor shows that Norwegians expect much from their mobile phones and operate a large scale of cell phone services or exploit its capabilities.

One a year, Norwegians like to buy a new cellular and spend a lot of money on this. An average of 1868 NOK ($380) while their fellow Vikings in Sweden and Denmark spent less. While Sweden sends an average o 1762 NOK ($355) to mobile phone markets, the Danes spend some 1247 NOK ($255).

According to Telenor’s press release, the study also shows that the Norwegians buy more sophisticated cell phones. One major feature is the camera, probably no norwegian will buy a mobile phone without a camera. But this aspect has the same importance in Denmark and Sweden, although the later are more concerned with the possibility of listening to music to their portable phone.

The study also shows that the Norwegians prefer much greater extent phones with an open keypad.

Synovate conducted this research which involved 500 interviews per country among people who have recently bought a new cell phone.

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