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Nokia wants to put an end to paper maps V.J. | , 1:16 p.m. April 16, 2008 2008-04-16

A new step towards a facilitated orientation has been taken by the finnish mobile phone manufraturer. Traveling should mean relaxation and having a huge paper map along is probably uncomfortable.

Maybe you have been in this situation, a strong winds hardens your ability to check your location and enervates your thought of finding the next tourist attraction point. Well, in the future you won’t have to take maps with you but your cell phone.

Nokia designed a navigation tool to ease your way in unknown territory. Finding streets and remote locations will be as easy as writing a text message. Maps 2.0 is a service promoted by the Finnish company which may facilitate traveling orientation. As for now it is available just for Nokia’s series 60 and 40 cell phones. “Your Nokia will soon be in tune with your surroundings and adjust accordingly” said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, company CEO, as cited from a BBC report.

Additionally mobile entertainment will be added to the application in the future, so traveling won’t be boring. In fact you will be able to play and check your location, not at the same time but this feature will surely increase relaxation.

Now it may be too early to speculate on the application’s success, but its usefulness cannot be denied. Maps 2.0 will help people find their way without the trouble of opening a map and fighting different aspects of nature or confronting with an uncomfortable position. All users will have to do is open their mobile phone, type the location and wait for instructions.

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