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Nokia Tube 5800 available in the UK starting October? V.J. | , 1:29 p.m. Sept. 8, 2008 2008-09-08


Everything seems to fit for the release of the Nokia 5800, also known as Tube, in the beginning of October. To be more precise, the handset is rumored to be released in October 8.


Nokia promoted the handset quite good. The internet alone talked about it for some time and every cellphone lover wants to get the handset. Additionally it was featured on The Dark Knight. You may have seen Morgan Freeman with using the Tube.


Nokia really keeps up with the competition. The Nokia 5800 Tube was, of course, repeatedly named the ‘iPhone killer’, an epithet that we like very much here at Phones.com.


Anyway it seems that the release date is probably going to be the 8th of October. Nokia N96 is going to get the BBC iPlayer catch-up TV service so this is quite a good reason for the availability of the Tube.

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