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Nokia Takes Another Step for the Environment Vlad Jecan | , 3:30 p.m. Aug. 7, 2008 2008-08-07


The mobile phone industry has been said to be the least greenest. And we have to agree with that, but this is probably going to change in the near future. One mobile phone manufacturer who emphasizes the need for phone recycle is Nokia.


The company has already established mobile phone recycling posts in different parts of the world. The Finns say that by recycling mobile phones they can produce new, smarter and cheaper phones. In addition, they offer free information on their website and even more.


What about greenhouse gases? Surely by recycling the greenhouse gases emitted during the manufacturing process of mobile phones are substantially reduced. Now, Nokia offers a new application for mobile phones which will indicate the amount of greenhouse gases caused during various human activities. In all aspects, this new software is the world’s first CO2 emission information tool.


But how exactly does this software work? Well, if you plan to travel somewhere you just enter the details like starting and arrival points and airport codes or you can let the application do it for you. After some serious calculations, the application will show you the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during this trip and coverts it into how much you could donate for this project.


To make things more eco-friends, you do not have to jump into you car drive to your bank to donate, you can do this by using the application. The software, dubbed we:offset, is available for free download here.


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