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Nokia Starts Recycling Phones in Africa V.J. | , 11:09 a.m. Sept. 11, 2008 2008-09-11


The Finns take yet another green step in an effort to bring the mobile phone industry among the eco-friendlier. Nokia already recycles mobile phones throughout Europe and now they decided to go beyond the Mediterranean.


The world’s leader in mobile phone manufacturing has set up about 30 mobile phone recycling points in Sub-Saharan countries and plans to expand. In the next days, Nokia will establish recycling points in Kenya, Uganda and Senegal.


Now, the company has a great number of mobile phone recycling points in more than 80 countries.


Nokia repeatedly said that it is using the recycled phones to build new models, so every user who wants to see better and more eco-friendlier Nokia units should participate in the company’s recycling programme.


African analysts say that this step is new for Africa, but there are some skeptics. Dobek Pater from Africa Analysis questions the programme saying that Africa, unlike Europe, does not have its own facilities to recycle mobile phone batteries. Additionally he says that Nokia does this to show that it is an ‘environmentally-friendly company”

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