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Nokia N97 is now available to pre-order V.J. | , 2:33 p.m. May 5, 2009 2009-05-05

Until today, people could pre-order the upcoming Nokia N97 just in Spain, however, recent reports suggest that the high-end smartphone can also be ordered in advance by users in the US, Italy, Sweden and Germany.

The handset is being sold, at the moment, with no contract agreements, thus it has a price tag of about $700. However, if you want to get it cheaper you might have to wait for a carrier to bring it to its portfolio. One carrier that is expected to have the phone is Vodafone, but it may launch the handset just in July.

Rumors say that Nokia might release the phone as soon as June. However, different voices also say that Nokia announced that shipments of Nokia N97 wouldn’t start until July.

At best, you might want just to pre-order now – the phone will definitely come!

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