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Nokia N85 Unlocked V.J. | , 1:30 a.m. Jan. 27, 2009 2009-01-27


The relatively new Nokia N85 is also available without a contract commitment. However, if you opt to purchase an unlocked version of the N85 you might have to pay around $460 for it.

Anyway, the handset seems to be totally worth it. The N85 comes with a superb 5 megapixel camera that enables you to take quality pictures while on the go. Additionally, it incorporates FM radio, GPS receiver and GSM.

Other features worth mentioning include Bluetooth 2.0, VGA video recorder 640 X 480, 8 GB of internal memory. The display is OLED and is about 2.6 inch with 320 X 240 pixels resolution. It also includes Video Call services and the Internet navigation part is satisfied by a great XHTML Browser.

Overall, this handset seems to have some great features, but what amazes most is its very elegant design. For a price that ranges between $400 and $460, this handset is perfect.

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