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Nokia Keep Its First Place in Mobile Market V.J. | , 1:40 a.m. Aug. 20, 2008 2008-08-20

A new study published on silicon.com offers a new perspective on the mobile phone markets around the world. The research shows the huge numbers of cellphones shipped in Europe, Middle Eas and Africa.


According to the study, smartphones were shipped in almost record numbers to Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the Q2 this year. The mobile industry is growing fast in Middle East and Africa as more high-end handsets are commercialized there. Top seller looks to be Nokia, but not just in the Middle East and Africa, but in Europe too.

The report shows that GPS is very popular with the smartphones, there hardly are any devices that do not have this type of connectivity. Another popular features is WiFi and it seems that touchscreens are relatively rare in these regions.

Nokia seems to keep its first place as leading smatphone manufacturer but Research In Motion, the BlackBerry manufacturer, grows pretty fast. In addition, Motorola, HTC and Samsung are almost doubling their shipments.

Another possible threat to the leading position is Apple. Their iPhone is extremely successful and sells in the millions. However, Nokia counters this ‘phenomenon’ with a few very popular, yet unreleased, new handsets which will surely take a good position in the market.

The report also suggests that high prices are a concern of the past when users think of purchasing a smartphone. Although their costs have been increasing due to the latest technology available with each smartphone, the devices are being sold very well.

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