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Nokia Indoor helps you find stuff, well, indoors V.J. | , 3:17 p.m. Sept. 24, 2008 2008-09-24


GPS clearly helps anyone with a Nokia handset, and of course not only, finds his way around the block or to seek desired locations. The GPS system points the user step by step to a specific location.


This is not really news as the GPS service comes nowadays with almost every handset manufactures. Yet, Nokia came up with a revolutionary idea: How about finding your way indoors?


Nobody really needs a GPS to find the bathroom in one’s own house, well almost nobody. The future Nokia service has of course not this intention, or does it?


Nokia is working on a new service dubbed Indoor Positioning. The service is based by scanning a building and offering the user directions to a desired indoor location. It might be very handy to people who want to quickly find their seat in a theatre or finding cat food at supermarkets, not to mention finding your own bathroom.


Nokia has already scanned over 40 of its own buildings around the world to test the service. The results are unknown but Nokia says that they will launch a commercial trial of Indoor Positioning later this year. Thus, the results must have been satisfying.


By visiting the Finn’s website you can also test the future service an give feedback to Nokia.

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