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Nokia E55 – The Complete Phone Karishma Sundaram | , 11:41 a.m. March 1, 2009 2009-03-01

Nokia claims it has created the world’s thinnest smart phone, and perhaps they have got it right with the newly announced E-series mobile phone. 

The Nokia E55 is certainly a very sleek phone, with a whole host of functionality. It was demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress ’09, in Barcelona, and will be released shortly. In the US the phones will probably retail from Nokia flagship stores and from their website as unlocked phones. The phone is expected to reach markets somewhere in the second quarter of this year.

The phone comes in three different colours: first being the universal and standard black edition, the second is a delicate orange red colour and the third a pearly white and gray. Frankly the red phone has too much of the colour, but will serve to make a fashion statement. 

Inside the box

First off, the latest entrant in the E-series line up has what Nokia calls a compact QWERTY keyboard. Essentially this boils down to two letters per key combined with a predictive engine. The new engine is a definite step up from the usual T-9 dictionary, in that the engine will be able to learn new words and suggest word completions whilst typing. 

The second feature of the new model is truly extraordinary – Nokia claims that the phone has a standby battery life of up to 28 days. This is however only on a GSM phone, and even though the standby time reduces to 19 days on a CDMA handset, the time period is still quite spectacular.

The mobile phone handset has a number of significant improvements over earlier models, including the incorporation of noise cancellation technology. This particular handset also is 3G enabled, along with incorporating WiFi support, and A-GPS. A-GPS is a new technology, designed to be a step up from the ordinary GPS and used for geo-tagging applications. 

Reminiscent of touch screen devices, the E-55 also recognizes orientation and the screen will rotate through 90 degrees to display either in portrait or landscape views. 

Features for the business executive

The E-55 is definitely aimed at the business executive segment of the market, and keeping that in mind, the phone has quite a few features. 

There is great integration with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes. There are a number of efficient tweaks for calendar, contacts and many other utilities, all which contribute to an enhanced user experience. The phone packs in all the features that one would expect from a business executive’s phone. 

In conclusion

The Nokia E-55 encompasses all the best features from the different kinds of phone categories – it has the easy messaging capabilities and the enterprise features of the smart phone; the camera, multimedia support and N-Gage games from the feature-rich phones, whilst being slim like touch screen phones. The phone is fairly heavy, considering its diminutive size. The phone itself will be less expensive than its counterparts, which will perhaps weigh in its favour considering the worldwide economic climate. 

Check out the handset on Nokia’s website, here.

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