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Nokia develops touchscreen mobile Richard Seynfield | , 10:05 a.m. April 9, 2008 2008-04-09

What long remained a mystery is soon becoming reality: global player Nokia is working on their respectable counterpart to the iPhone. A Nokia manager revealed first details about the phone.

For almost 2 years the iPhone remained almost unchallenged in their market segment. With it's big screen, touch controls and consequent orientation on multimedia application did Apple succeed to conquer a small niche in the highly competitive mobile market. Similar attempts by different vendors managed to achieve some success but it clearly couldn't keep up with the overall Apple hype. But recently a new yet all too familiar figure grows upon the horizon. With Finnish cell vendor Nokia presenting "Tube" - it's very own touchscreen cell.

However, it doesn't seem like considerate planing was too much of a priority. Tom Librette, VP of Forum Noka merely presented an iPhone resembling picture of the new Nokia phone at the recent Evans Data Developer Relations Converence in Redwood City, California. Not much of a different picture than what was being published at a Nokia conference last year in August before already.
Librette also didn't reveal any new technical details other than that unlike the iPhone, the Tube is to have a pre-installed Java VM so that plenty of web-applications and tools can be used.

According to Infoworld, a special date when the Tube is to roll out was not yet disclosed. But at least Librette presented a few graphical demos, like a trailer to "Shrek the Third". Though it will take a bit more than just some nice images and empty promises on how Nokia sells 100 times more cell phones than Apple to prevent them from losing any further ground.

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