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Nokia to cut 450 Jobs V.J. | , 1:16 p.m. April 28, 2009 2009-04-28

Nokia is expected to make around 450 people without jobs as the company plans to streamline its mobile service platforms and migrate its existing games services over to Ovi mobile portal. The job cuts are worldwide.

"The planned changes are aimed at improving and simplifying the user experience of Nokia services, increasing opportunities for third party developers and other partners to create compelling services, and accelerating the development of a common platform for Nokia's different service offerings," said Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President, Services, Nokia.

In a previous article I stressed out the ‘domino effect’ caused by firing people in a time of Global economic crisis. Nokia, had thus far, thought twice before it considered cutting jobs to reducing costs. However, it seems that no company can hide from the economic crisis.

In any case, thanks to the change, all mobile games will now become available through the Ovi Store, in addition to through their existing channels. Additionally, Nokia will add a variety of third party partners such as other image and social networking sites to the image capture and sharing features on its devices. The company says this will make life easier for customers who use 3rd party services and are unwilling to switch to Nokia’s existing partner platforms.

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