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Nokia BMW V.J. | , 5:16 p.m. Sept. 9, 2008 2008-09-09


Yes, it would be interesting to see what a collaboration between cellphone giant and car titan could produce. It surely would bring a spectacular mobile phone, but neither BMW nor Nokia have such intentions.


Despite this, a new concept mobile phone appeared on the internet, the Nokia BMW. The designer says this phone is basically a videophone. Additionally the handset is made as a candybar that can be modeled into a digital camera with a few turns and twists.


The designer’s name is unknown, but what we found out is that he is from the Ukraine and calls himself Evgen Designer. He says that his mobile phone concept should feature internal GPS, touchpad and a BMW logo.


It would be interesting to see this idea materialize itself, but for now neither Nokia nor BMW have any intentions in creating a ‘themed’ mobile phone. But there are others like Motorola - Ferrari, Sony Ericsson - Volkswagen that have collaborated with great success.

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