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Nokia announces 6700 slide and 7230 Sheetal Thakre | , 1:15 p.m. Nov. 25, 2009 2009-11-25

Nokia announced two novel models, viz- the Nokia 6700 slide and the 7230.

The official launch details are still in pipeline as the gadgets will touch the market not before the dawn of 2010 with exclusive US versions.

As we progress each day towards the year end, these two new handsets are surely going to add to the list of the offerings made available by the telecom giant Nokia soon.

Reports say that both of the devices will be available in various colors, so there won't be monotony anymore.

Both the handsets are believed to feature 3G, messaging and social networking applications wherein the Nokia 6700 slide is a S60 3rd Edition smartphone while the Nokia 7230 runs on S40. The duo is made of aluminium.

The Nokia 6700 slide will have a 2.2" QVGA display, 5MP camera, quad-band GSM, Bluetooth 2.1, microUSB port, microSD slot for cards and FM radio that will be offered roughly at a price of $238. The handset will be presented in aluminum, pink, petrol-blue, red, lime and purple color versions.

On the other hand the Nokia will sport 2.4" QVGA display, 3.2MP camera, 2GB microSD card and GPS that will come for a price of $149 approximately.

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