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Nexus One soon to be available on Sprint network Saveri | , 9:41 a.m. March 19, 2010 2010-03-19

Nexus One that till date is available on AT&T and T-Mobile networks in the US and Rogers Wireless in Canada, is now planned to be launched on Sprint's 3G Mobile Broadband Network. Sprint is intending to sell the phone through Google's web store with launch date and pricing to be announced soon.

The announcement comes in the wake of HTC-Apple war as HTC is taken to court for patent infringement on 20 of iPhone's patents including numerous touchscreen phones, most of them based on Google's Android platform. Apple looks to block HTC phones in the United States including the HTC Nexus One. Sprint's announcement proves its support in continuing with Google's Android platform.

Customers using Sprint's 3G network will benefit from twice the coverage of AT&T and 10 times the coverage of T-Mobile; current network providers of Nexus One.

While pricing details are yet to be revealed, Sprint has promised more competitive rates than its rivals. T-mobile is offering it at $179 for 2 yrs contract coupled with an unlocked version costing a staggering $529.

For more details on HTC Google Nexus One click here.

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