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Nexus One to disclose more details on January 5th Sheetal Thakre | , 12:18 p.m. Jan. 2, 2010 2010-01-02

The New Year 2010 seems to be more promising with some real good stuff. No doubt gadget aficionados too are sure to get some of the best devices like the Nexus One by Google, which had already created enough milieus in the cell phone world.

Phones.com has earlier reported about its specifications roughly along with some live pictures. At this time, the much anticipated price detail is certainly going to be confirmed at a press meet to be held on Tuesday, January 5 at Google Headquarters, Mountain View, CA. 

Herein, Google is expected to officially reply to all the doubts and confusions regarding the Nexus One cell phone which is headed for the T-Mobile network.

The handset is believed to be made available for online purchase. A two year contract, a subsidized price of 180 dollars and a provision to cancel the T-Mobile plan that you take before the 120 days mark in case you do not like it is offered. You can also return the phone or simply pay the difference. Those who are already the users are assumed to qualify for upgrade pricing.

Besides this, the facility to purchase around five Nexus One phones per Google account has also been arranged.

All this sounds pretty cool, isn't it? So guys just stop hanging around and have patience as the first half of 2010 is sure to offer you the Nexus One by Google.

Image Credit: Engadget


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