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New Vodafone Service Creates Confusion V.J. | , 11:02 a.m. July 7, 2008 2008-07-07


Vodafone has released a new service giving subscribers the chance to download songs and make them their ring tones. Soon after the first days of service people complained they cannot download any songs.


One subscriber tried to download a Brian Adams song but with no success. He repeatedly tried the same action again over the weekend but results were disappointing. So he went on and joined a group of 20 friends to try to download songs. Soon they realized the Vodafone service does not work properly.


Rumor spread that Vodafone disabled the service for downloading English songs. Vodafone officials said stopping the service is out of question. But people have to understand that thanks to the high number of downloads and the great variety of songs uploaded some subscribers may have difficulties trying to download mainly because some songs are not fully uploaded.


Vodafone has already uploaded around 30,000 songs in a few days and Vodafone’s chief marketing officer Harit Nagpal said his company has no plans to stop ring tones of any particular language.


In addition he said that due to the high number of daily uploads for the service; some songs may not be available as they are not fully loaded.

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