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New Phone Offered by Virgin V.J. | , 5:08 p.m. July 8, 2008 2008-07-08

Virgin Mobile USA recently performed a survey on its customers to find out that the vast majority prefer simple phone who can satisfy the most basic needs for mobile telecommunication.

Acccrding to their research most customers prefer phones that function perfectly when using Bluetooth wireless technology, email and messaging features.

To cheer up their customers, Virgin Mobile USA added a new phone to their lineup. The UTStarcom Arc is declared to be the new phone of 2008 available without an annual contract. The handset was designed for users who do not expect the latest multimedia features or a high mega pixel camera, but it was made to allow users to make and receive calls as well as receive instant messages.

The device is not that feature-free as it seems, it also incorporate Bluetooth, web browsing and messaging capabilities. People can access their internet and pretty easily write a message. It also incorporates a camera phone, but not a 10 mega pixel but one with a lower quality.

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