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New LG watch phone gets price tag V.J. | , 12:09 p.m. Aug. 9, 2009 2009-08-09

LG has unveiled the world’s first 3G touch watch phone. The LG GD910 makes the South Korean mobile phone maker very proud; in fact the company is so enthusiastic about the watch phone that they added a price tag of 900 euros (or $1,290) to it.

Seriously, the first person I’ll encounter wearing this watch phone must be James Bond. And for €900, Bond will have to sign a two-year contract with French Orange, since the device is available in France.

The device is pretty cool but comes with a very interesting ethical problem. Am I now supposed to talk to my own hand? The French carrier has the answer: “This telephone is worn as a watch and allows the user to call, send and receive SMS, make video calls and be contacted at any time, for example during a sports session or shopping trip.”

Well, this offers a whole new way to excusing yourself from dinner: “Please excuse me, my hand is ringing, I have to take this one.”

Anyway, the watch phone comes with “luetooth technology makes the watchphone practical and comfortable to use (keypad, loudspeaker function or earpiece). It features LG’s most advanced voice recognition and synthesis technologies, which are particularly useful when on the move,” says the mobile phone operator, adding that the device s available from 6 August 2009 exclusively from Orange at its website, starting from €899 with subscription to an Origami star, first, jet or Origami plus package (12 or 24-month contract).”

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