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New iPhone Cases Released V.J. | , 8:22 p.m. Aug. 4, 2008 2008-08-04


As a big iPhone fan you may also find the need to put some novelty onto your precious device. What could be new is the way it looks as the device is elegant enough but you want to add some new colors and a little bit of other things to personalize it.


Agent 18 has recently released three new iPhone cases. The models available are dubbed: EcoShield, ClearShield and FlowerVest. Interesting names, they might also be loyal to their names. The EcoShield is made out of a resistant material with scratch proof, as the company says.


Other aspects tell us that this case is pretty much reliable. It is very thin and presents an easy way to access all connectors, buttons and camera. The EcoShield is available in five colors, white, blue, pink, black and green and may be made from recycled plastic bottles. The EcoShield is definitely a good choice fro everyone who wants to protect the environment.


The second case release is named ClearShield. This is an almost invisible polycarbonate shell, from where the name. Of course, this model comes just in one color, transparent everything. This case has also a few interesting features like a rubberized cushioned interior which may absorb the impact shock in case you are a bit clumsy with your phone. Additionally, all connectors, buttons and the camera are very easy to access.


The last of the list is FlowerVest. It is made of soft silicone arriving in two colors with blue or pink flowers. Of course, all connectors, buttons and the camera are very easy to access.


The cases are very interesting and come at a same interesting price of 15 pounds.

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that iphone is so cool can i have one
8/5/2008 @ 11:54 PM


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