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New BlackBerry tools for web developers V.J. | , 10:48 a.m. July 29, 2009 2009-07-29

Research in Motion has recently unveiled a series of new tools for developing web applications for BlackBerry phones. Web developers now have access to the new BlackBerry web development plug-in for Eclipse and the BlackBerry plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 1.2.

According to Research in Motion, the tools are part of portfolio of BlackBerry developer tools for web and Java development and a set of APIs that enables developers to create mobile applications that connect BlackBerry smartphones, writes CBR Online.

In addition, the application platform incorporates real-time push technology, security and data compression and network bandwidth utilization. These will enable developers to offer optimized applications on the BlackBerry platform.

Using BlackBerry web development plug-in Eclipse, developers can debug and profile internet/intranet web pages displaying HTML and CSS content in addition to internet applications using AJAX, Silverlight, PHP, ASP, Ruby on Rails, JSP and Python.

Research in Motion also says that the plug-in offer developers the possibility to create web applications and content within the Visual Studio 2008 environment.

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