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N-Gage, play mobile V.J. | , 11:38 p.m. April 12, 2008 2008-04-12

There was a time, a distant time, when users could play only black and white games on their mobile phones. Surely you remember playing Tetrix or Snake on you cell phone some years ago. I vividly remember playing Snake and another game in which I was supposed to push some grey block in some positions for gaining points.

Evolution of technology is inevitable and faster than light. Today’s games with 3D graphics and almost everything that a PC game has for mobile phones make confer these memories an ancient touch.

After the N-Gage model released by Nokia proved to be a total disaster for mobile gaming, the Finns reconsidered this project and released a service which does not need a product especially designed for gaming but by using a mobile phone users can access, play and buy games. In consequence Nokia launched a gaming service on their web site for mobile phone models like N81, N82 and N95. This service will be expanded to N73 and N93 models in the near future.

Mobile gaming follows a new path these days; users can go and play games while driving. Of course you do not want to do that. Users can create profiles on their phones which will memorize all game details, including scores and people they interact with. Profiles can be shared and futures even multiplayer options, meaning you can play online with other users.

As for the games part they are highly elaborated released under the aegis of some leading game developers like EA. Fast loading with splendid graphics, this new service already has a tremendous success.

Now, be sure not to be driving while gaming, you don’t want to smash your car in a tree.

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