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Myriad delivers services platform for customer service to T-Mobile V.J. | , 10:01 a.m. Aug. 14, 2009 2009-08-14

Myriad Group AG, a global leader in mobile technology with software in over 2 billion phones, today announced that it has been selected by T-Mobile Czech Republic to provide the USSD platform for its customer care service. The solution exploits the strengths of the Myriad Services Platform to allow the operator to offer USSD as a simple trigger for subscriber self service, so helping to reduce customer churn.

The solution is a self-service system that allows customers to quickly access services and information on their mobile handset and change their settings. By entering a short-code in their phone, users are provided with a simple text menu which provides fast and direct access to various operator services such as service settings, service status and tariff information. The solution improves customer satisfaction, reducing the need for customer service requests and can be upgraded to support advanced self services using graphical interfaces in the future.

Myriad won the mobile self-service tender in 2008 and is providing the USSD channel that combines with the SCE module from VoiceObjects. The service was launched this month.

“Providing excellent customer service is a core value at T-Mobile and so we are constantly evaluating the best methods of communicating with our customers,” said Jan Šafka, Head of Self Service at Deutsche Telekom AG. “The ability to immediately support our users’ existing handsets via a simple to use mechanism made Myriad’s USSD system the ideal choice.”

“The Myriad Services Platform provides a simple to access communications channel that works on any handset without the need for any modifications,” said Simon Wilkinson, Myriad CEO. “For TMobile the use of USSD provides an intuitive channel which allows any customer to immediately selfprovision customer care.”

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