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Music Phone launched by Virgin Mobile V.J. | , 7:25 p.m. April 30, 2009 2009-04-30

Virgin Mobile releases new handset with a more modest frequency than other mobile phone manufacturers. However, let’s not forget that Virgin Mobile is just a tiny fragment of the ‘Virgin Industries’.

Anyway, when they do release a handset, then that product is highly targeted. The company does not take any chances – if they have a product, then they will surely sell it. This is exactly the case for the new music phone released, the VJazz.

The handset does not come loaded with the latest in mobile technology, however, it is very good for someone who enjoys listening to music on their mobile phone and is curious about other releases than the popular Samsung or Sony Ericsson, or even Nokia.

VJazz comes with basic features, and those are a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, speaker phone, SD card slot, Stereo FM and a 2 inch 262K display. Additionally, the handset comes with the vMusic service which enables unlimited song downloads for free for a full year.

Users also have the ability to rate, preview, download full tracks and add them to a playlist. They can also receive alerts and notifications whenever new songs are added to the library.

The handset measures only 106 x 46 x 15.8 mm and weights about 87 grams. Virgin VJazz is available in India at the moment for about Rs 4,250 and comes with 1 GB microSD card, a data cable and a PC Studio CD.

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