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Motorola phones run NES games V.J. | , 1:37 p.m. April 14, 2008 2008-04-14


Thanks to a newly elaborated application bearing AcidAngel’s mark, users of Motorola Q can now play old NES games.


I remember sitting in from of TV with an old Nintendo console playing Mario. This game made history, a simple game sound and thoughts automatically correlate a proper image of that red clothed Italian guy jumping on walking mushrooms.


AcidAngel developed a fully functional NES Emulator, it even runs with ROMs as every ancient Nintendo game may be played.


Don’t get too exited thou, there is no certainty that this is a ‘normal’ software product and if it can be purchased. As well nobody has a clue if it will be available, but surely it made itself heard over the internet. Some people will buy this emulator without any hesitation, it doesn’t mean they like old games, but the idea of having Mario on a mobile phone is definitely interesting.


My advice will be to stand back, read the news and see what happens, don’t just seek it on google, download and install it. We all know the dangers of viruses and other things that hurt phones, so be careful.

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