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Motorola and Kodak Forge New Photo Features to ZN5 V.J. | , 2:36 p.m. June 23, 2008 2008-06-23

Motozine ZN5 received new photo functions after Motorola worked together with Kodak to implement quality of ZN5’s image taking.

ZN5 has a 5 megapixel camera and is the now improved thanks to a collaboration between the two companies. It now combines MobileShift Technology created by Motorola and Kodak Image Technology. Photo quality has been elevated to new standards and image web sharing is more easy and comfortable using Kodak Gallery.

The device comes with a 4GB optional external memory and Xenon flash. Thanks to Kodak’s involvement the handset will now take brighter and clearer photos as it can set a number of photo capturing modes including panorama and multi-shot.

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