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Motorla Yuva A810 to hit India V.J. | , 4:03 p.m. Sept. 25, 2008 2008-09-25


Motorla has announced that they will start shipping the Yuva A810 model to India next month. The handset comes with some interesting features and the Indian market will probably absorb the new handset completely.


US based cell phone manufacturer Motorola will launch a cheap full touchscreen handset, the Yuva A810, in India next month. Actually, the company plans a number of new releases for India, but the Yuva A810 is the first one.


The handset comes with a 2.2 inch full touch screen and handwriting recognition. The company says that for SMS it will customize the phone in local languages. Motorola says that their new release is based on reports that there is a high expectation in the Indian market for low cost touchscreen phones.


Yuva A810 is just one element composing the new wave of releases aimed for the Indian market. Relatively recently, a number of high-end mobile phones have been introduced including the iPhone 3G and Samsung Omnia.

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